Brand and Identity

I work close with clients to make sure the face of their brand reflects the personality and qualities of their business. The right colours, typography, images and tone of voice are important parts of a fitting brand identity. Consistency throughout all assets is paramount for a business that wants to communicate professionalism and trust. Consistency does not mean stagnation, but evolving while keeping the core of the brand identity strong and recognisable.

Naming – Logo Creation – Brand Building – Brand Guidelines

Logo Design

The logo is the face of a business, a major part of the brand identity. It sets the tone for all the other corporate assets. Logos created by me are simple, straightforward and therefore easy to understand and to remember. The motto ‘Form follows function” has always been at the centre of my approach. You can’t expect a quick and fast solution when you ask me for a logo design. Researching the market and getting to know you and your business is as important as the brainstorming, designing and implementation. And if you have a logo but think it looks a little dated - I can help you with that too.

Logo Creation – Logo Redesign

Print Design

Print has always and will continue to play a big role in marketing. Even with a lot of business communication happening online today, a perfectly designed brochure, book or annual report, printed with care on great stock, will tell your customers a lot about your business. A medium that stays, and that does not disappear from your customer’s radar after a few clicks, keeps your business present, will assist your digital strategy if integrated properly and can cut through the daily clutter.

Brochures – Annual Reports – Corporate Profiles – Catalogues – Packaging – Apparel

Advertising Campaigns

Printed or digital, advertising campaigns take up an important part in creating brand awareness, in driving sales and in generating leads. Working close with your marketing department, general manager or yourself, the business owner, we make sure your advertising is consistent and on brand. And on time, of course.

Magazine Advertising – Newspaper Advertising – Online Advertising – Out of Home Advertising

Exhibition Design

From first concepts to working hand in hand with exhibition architects and trade show design companies, we make sure your message is on brand, stands out and is engaging with visitors.

Trade Show Booths – Expo Walls – Portable Displays – Pull-up Banners – Expo Collaterals – Wayfinding Systems

Web and Social Media

You have a web developer but need front end design? You need relevant and branded social media images? You want a website but have no idea how to start? Your website is a little outdated? My team of specialists and I can help you with all of this.

Landing Pages – Webbanners – Social Media Images – Websites